Charutar Vidya Mandal's



Approved by AICTE-New Delhi and Pharmacy Council of India(PCI)

Affiliated to Gujarat Technology University (GTU)

Established in 1981




Industrial Pharmacy Lab / Machine Room

Machine room is well equipped with stability chamber, refrigerated centrifuge, hydraulic bench, tablet punching machine, capsule filling machine, hardness tester ointment filling and sealing machine, ampoule filling and sealing machine, venturi meter, orifice meter, tray dryer, ball mill, sieve shaker, double cone blender, bottle sealing machine, vacuum oven, hot air oven, ampoule washing machine, bottle washing machine, tablet coating pan, tablet polishing pan, disintegrator, multipurpose attachment etc.


Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF)

Air conditioned lab well quipped with latest modern analytical instruments like FT-IR, HPLC, lyophilizer, deep freezer, Rota vapour, Double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer, sonicator, electrophoresis, six station tablet dissolution apparatus, digital balances, colorimeter, digital pH meter, flourimeter, nephloturbidity meter, flame photometer, pH meter, Colorimeter, potentiometer, conductivity meter, ion exchanger, etc.


Pharmaceutics & Pharm. Technology Laboratories

These well furnisished laboratories cater to the practical requirements of subjects : Technology of Drugs & Cosmetics, Biopharmaceutics & Dosage Form Design, Biological Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering (Unit operations) and Engineering Drawing. Postgraduate Laboratory is equipped with air conditioner and instruments required for formulation and evaluation of various dosage forms like USP dissolution apparatus, Stability testing Chamber, Brookfield viscometer, double beam UV/ Visible Spectrometer, digital friabilator etc. to evaluate the performance of Characteristic.


Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Aseptic Processing Area

This laboratory helps to familiarize students with Current Good Manufacturing Practics(CGMP), design, development and maintenance of aseptic areas, procedure for sterlity testing, experiments in biotechnology, growth, isolation and identification of micro-organisms, microbiolgical assays etc.


Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Medical Chemistry Laboratories

These well furnished laboratories provide facilities for synthesis and characterization of several organic and medicinal compounds. This laboratory caters to practical requirements of subject such as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and medicinal chemistry. This laboratory is equipped with vacuum dryer, glass distillation unit fumigation chamber, electronic balance, muffle furnace, dyer and hot plate with magnetic stirrer.


Pharmaceutical Analysis/ Quality Assurance Laboratory

This laboratory provides facilities for performing several classical methods of analysis for several classical methods for analysis for pharmaceuticals, drug substances and drug products as per pharmacopoeial and other standard and well publicized methods for analysis.


Human Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Laboratory

This laboratory serves the purpose of basic human health assessment with the help of common methods including hematological tests. It imparts health education using educational charts and models


IPharmacology/Clinical Pharmacy laboratories

This laboratory provides facilities for conducting various animal experiments for screening the biological activity of drugs and to perform bioassays. Laboratory is also used to process different body fluid samples for biopharmaceutical analysis and for clinical analysis i.e. analysis of various components of blood, urine and other body fluids. The lab is equipped with analgesiometer, convulsiometer, rotarod apparathus, aerosol histamine chamber, eddy plate, Lagendroff’s assembly, physiographs, animal operation table, surgical instruments , digital plethysmograph.


Pharmacognosy Laboratory/Natural Product Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped and designed to teach students for the morphological and microscopical studies of cells and tissues in different parts of natural materials such as plants. Also, the chemical nature or constituents of substances believed to have medicinal properties are studied. The identification and standardization of crude drugs of natural origins using modern techniques and equipment are carried out here. This provides the opportunity for students to gain the knowledge of physio-chemical properties of natural products. In Pharmacognosy and Natural Product laboratory, the various test is carried out on crude drugs extracted from medicinal substances. Experiments include; Identification, Extraction, Isolation, Detection, Qualitative analysis of Phytoconstituents of extracts and Estimation of Phytoconstituents etc. Instrument and Equipments : Compound Microscope, U.V. Chamber, Soxhlet’s apparatus, Clevenger’s apparatus, Hot air oven, Water bath and Thin Layer Chromatography Chamber/Plates